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What is the right course level?

Beginner (A1 / A2)

The focus here is on learning the basic techniques: easy serve, digging and setting and an easy attack. You get to know the game concept and improve your ball control.

A1 Beginners: For absolute beginners. You are completely new to beachvolleyball and want to check if this hobby could be for you? You are right here!

A2 Beginners: This skill level is for someone who has completed the A1 Absolute Beginner course. You can perform the basic skills with some consistency in easy situations but still need a little improvement to play a good 2 vs 2 match. 

Intermediate (Mittelstufe)

You have some experience in beachvolleyball already. You can perform all basic skills consistently in an easy situation, do an overhand serve and attack. Maybe you have already played in a C-Cup or fun tournament. 
On this skill level, we will focus improving your technique through practical exercises and 
enhance you game in more difficult situations. 

Advanced (Fortgeschrittene)

Players at this level should have a good grasp of all basic techniques, can play targeted attacks and more complicated shots. Being able to receive and set precisely and consistently is important. Reading the opponent's shots and finding the right game strategy start to become a necessary skill at this skill level. 

Advanced Pro (Fortgeschrittene Pro)

You are a true beachvolleyball player and master the game to a wide extent. Your skills can take you to B-Cup or even A-Cup tournaments. 

In our Advanced Pro courses you are coached by professional athletes, who focus on individual feedback to fine-tune your technique and emphasise your strengths on court. 

Not sure?

You are not sure which course level matches your skills?

Contact us - we are happy to give you our personal assessment. 

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